Pt. 2 of 2 A Letter to the Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Investigation Office by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

On today, you will find the following; the conclusion to my letter dated June 19, 2013; three reasons as to why I published my letter to the Internet; three Points and a question to consider about Cancer; My thoughts concerning and to Senator C. Grassley and other Congressional Members and three for your consideration and a Book Release Announcement. Shall we begin; the following two Sub-headings (Previous Filing of Complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Impersonation of Government Officials) consist of the remainder of my letter to the Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Investigation Office:

Previous Filing of Complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation

On today, June 18, 2013, and upon filing my Complaint of Hate Crimes and Crimes against Humanity with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I hope I will not be subjected to the same response from the FBI I received possibly during 1999-2003; I was directed to the Tennessee FBI and spoke with an FBI Agent who identified himself as Andy. According to this agent, last names of agents could not be given. The problem with citizens being harassed and tortured with Electromagnetic energy for reasons unknown to the victim has occurred for many years. Agent Andy spoke with me at length and informed me that he was sending stripes (which he detailed) and were to be affixed to the window in my home through which most of the transmissions were being transmitted. Such was done; however, when no results or follow-up from him was forthcoming, I recalled the FBI only to be told they had never heard of an Agent by the name of Andy. Troubled by the turn of events and the fact that such would occur after having contacted a federal agency; the FBI, I eventually wound up talking to Adjunct General; Rodriquez at the FBI in Washington, DC. He was genuinely disturbed about the incident and vowed to get to the bottom of the situation. Upon my recalling General Rodriquez, I was informed that no such person existed within the FBI. This was a serious matter, yet the FBI never to my knowledge followed up on the impersonation of a federal agent(s) and if, somehow calls had been rerouted once the FBI was called then interception; infiltration and a number of federal crimes had taken place.

Impersonation of Government Officials

Last, but not least; I believe that impersonation of government officials are presently occurring here and now in an effort to unlawfully use this transmission. Somehow, access to my computer has been unlawfully gained by some outside my home and as I contact certain entities certain of these individuals abruptly flee. Should certain officials arrive certain surrounding apartments which house these perpetrators become occupied by families or visiting guests hanging out on the apartment balcony when neither are the norm.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron (address  has been omitted)

3 Reasons why my letter to the United States FBI Washington, DC Office was published to the Internet:

Perhaps, you are asking why publish this letter to the Internet? I have done so for at least three reasons:

1)      My letter stands a better chance of getting to the Washington, DC FBI Office in light of their breach of security and hopefully to bona fide FBI Officials.

2)      I cannot speak of that which occurs in other states, but down in Tennessee harassment and intimidation; the use of hovering aircraft and use of this electromagnetic energy on some individuals as forms of punishment and/or torture are so rampant some individuals are petrified and feel they can do nothing except endure; keep quiet; submissive and/or go along to get along.

3)      Too many within some federal agencies are failing to uphold the law; mandates under the Constitution and are even operating outside and in opposition of the law. It is past time Americans find out whether these government agencies responsible for protecting America; Americans and our rights which The Constitution of the United States guarantees are actually doing so.

Points to consider about Cancer – I will share 3 points that can be derived from Pt. 1 of my letter about Cancer and pose a question; they are as following:

  1. Alternative and non-invasive treatments for Cancer exists; can be effective and successful in the treatment and cure of Cancer.
  2. Conventional and harmful treatments consisting of mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation with often devastating results are protected in an effort to insure that they continue and remain the norm.
  3. Silent and unseen remote devices are being used to prevent a citizen(s) from being cured of Cancer; the energy from these remote devices can and do counteract naturopathic and holistic treatments for Cancer and their success in an effort to prevent their being successful in the treatment of Cancer. Whether we choose to accept it or not these are acts of terrorism; treasonable acts and crimes against humanity sadly committed by Americans against other Americans.
  4. Were you aware that Medicare and Medicaid do not cover Alternative treatments for Cancer only Conventional treatments; where is choice in one’s method of treatment for Cancer?

My thoughts concerning and to Senator Charles Grassley and other Congressional Members and three for your consideration

That which I found most disturbing in Senator C. Grassley comments (*link to article below), was “they didn’t know” (drones were being used within the United States). Of whom did “they” consist; some or all Congressional Members? If the statement was made by Senator Grassley such poses some serious issues.  Whose responsibility was it to approve and fund the operation of drones and within what parameters? Congress has the ultimate responsibility under The Constitution of the United States for the protection of America and the American people; you are ultimately responsible for the oversight of the defense and security; liberty and justice; safety; well-being and welfare of America and the American people. Sadly, not to have known is not acceptable and especially since individuals and others were well aware of such. I have been monitoring this activity since 1999, but sadly no one in Washington, DC seem concerned about or interested in the unlawful; illegal activity and breach of security of these manned/unmanned aircrafts and/ or drones (as well as a network on the ground) and their effect upon unsuspecting citizens. They are being used for much more than surveillance. I would like to leave three thoughts for Congress’ consideration:

  1. Perhaps, you should put aside your differences and strive to work together and with The President of the United States. Others use your division, distractions and pre-occupation to further divide; increase conflict and/or provide a smoke screen to further their own agenda(s). In the long run we all lose!
  2. This proves that most if not all Members of Congress are out of touch with some very important issues and the American people.
  3. Members of Congress; you, yourselves have cut yourselves off from the general public. Your chief of and office staff will only receive correspondence from Constituents of the state in which you represent; in my opinion, such is a big mistake.

*The following link was shared in Pt. 1 of A Letter to the Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Investigation Office by Mrs. Dorothy Barron, on last week and listed today – Congress surprised by drone use on U.S. soil? It shouldn’t be By Olivier Knox– The Ticket – Yahoo News 20 Jun 2013

Book Release Announcement

Cancer; Anyone by Mrs. Dorothy Barron – To be released late Summer or early Fall of 2013

Upcoming Book titled Cancer; Anyone by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Upcoming Book titled Cancer; Anyone by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

From me to you;

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger

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A Letter to the Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Investigation Office by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

A Letter to the Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Investigation Office by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

I have written a number of blog post article that bespeak of Terrorism and home-grown (American) terrorists.  This secretive and destructive force(s) within America comprised of Americans (home-grown terrorists) are engaged in the covert and silent destruction of America and Americans; and Ladies and Gentlemen, no one is exempt. On today, I want to share a letter written by me and faxed to the Washington, DC Bureau of Investigation on June 19, 2013. However; and before I share part of the letter on today, I want to express my sincere thanks to those who have left positive comments on Slinging Stones Blog while awaiting the setting up of the blog at our new site. Let us begin:

June 19, 2013

To: United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Re: Filing of Hate Crimes and Crimes against Humanity with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

Presently some unknown terrorists and/or parties are unlawfully transmitting and/or using Electromagnetic frequencies, fields and energies to harass, torment and torture. The transmission is directed from a number of various sources and different directions which consist of: hovering aircraft(s); individuals in surrounding apartments (especially the apartment directly overhead); and/or vehicles that park and/or drive past. This transmission can directly be transmitted via the air and/or airwaves, but has the tendency to interrupt and change weather patterns. Also, the transmission of electromagnetic energy occurs via a frequency and the transmission can penetrate most, if not all surfaces.

Hate Crimes

Harassment, torment and/or torture occur in the form of the unlawful transmission of Electromagnetic Fields, Frequencies and/or Energy in the form of 1) silent and predominantly invisible frequencies which have been directed and hones in on the body and emit sharp painful shocks to a specific area of the body. The purpose appears to be a form of retaliation and punishment used to intimidate, harass and terrorize in attempts to modify some type of behavior. Such often and now occurs after I have written certain blog articles in which I have exercised free speech and the fact of having in the past reported unlawful activities of some government officials and others. 2) The silent and invisible transmission of energy is directed at specific areas of the body and causes excruciating to paralyzing pain and 3) Individuals are unlawfully using electromagnetic frequencies and fields to interfere with the natural rhythmic waves and frequencies of the body, flooding my apartment with an electromagnetic field which adversely affects the immune system and causes that which appears to be a radioactive environment at times. 4) Some are using a form of this transmission as they drive by in vehicles adversely affecting battery or electronic operated devices inside my residence (Ex. Deliberately cutting the television set off repeatedly; abruptly changing radio stations back and forth and stopping in mid-play other electronic devices while in use). Someone in the apartment above appears to have access to a device(s) that can control the entire heating and air conditioning unit inside my apartment using such to create an electromagnetic field.

In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I elected not to adhere to conventional treatment which would have consisted of a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone treatment. Transmissions began being emitted from outside into my apartment which consisted of sharp, stinging and painful shocks to the one breast diagnosed with Cancer.

I had chosen alternative “holistic” or naturopathic treatment. As the natural treatments began to be successful and the reduction of the tumor occurred the harassment and torture from unknown perpetrators and their transmissions continued only this time torture began with a dull numbing and then burning sensation to the one breast diagnosed with Cancer and which resulted in this transmission and torture increasing the size of the tumor and hardening of the affected breast.

Products (for Medical purposes) Denied and Withheld

As I called a number of companies inside Tennessee trying to locate holistic medicines and supplements I was continually informed by businesses that they did not have the products on hand. Such seem unusual for such businesses and upon having recalled one and having shared my concern with the store manager, she took the initiative to follow-up on the situation; the store did indeed have the product.

A relative hearing about the situation and my inability to obtain the medical products needed gifted me a number of the products; mailed them priority via the United States Postal Service and gave me the date of delivery. On that date, June 5, 2013, I sat and awaited the postal carrier; he did not deliver. On June 6, 2013, the following day, an individual on an errand happened to check my mailbox and included with the mail was a strip of white paper which stated USPS had tried to deliver on June 5, 2013 (but had not); according to the strip of paper, the package had been left in the Residential Office. Office management checked; there had been nothing left for me. This package with consumable products which was shipped priority mail was not in the possession of the post office or the residential office for two days. According to the post office they located it on June 7, 2013 at the residential office. Needless to say, I could not accept the package and such posed a medical hardship.

In Part 2 of this article which will be printed on Monday, June 24, 2013, you will find the remainder of my letter to the Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I leave you with a link to a story that may be of interest – Congress surprised by drone use on U.S. soil? It shouldn’t be By Olivier Knox– The Ticket – Yahoo News 20 Jun 2013

From me, to you

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger

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Wise Use of the People’s Monies by Government by Mrs. Dorothy Barron


Grpahic. Separation Notice

Grpahic. Separation Notice

Wise Use of the People’s Monies by Government by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Mrs. Dorothy Barron. Graphic. 2013. RR.

One of the important duties of government should be to make wise decisions. When such does not occur anything goes in government and eventually such leads to failure to uphold The Law. Briefly on today we want to broach the subject of wise use of the people or taxpayers’ monies by Government. Whether dealing with programs, services and/or manpower care and diligence should be used and wise decisions implemented by the government.

There is much talk about government employees being or having to take a furlough due to government budget cuts. Perhaps, some thought should be given to not only furloughing some government employees, administrators and officials, but providing a separation notice; permanent furlough or pink slip. Some government employees have risen to the top of the pay scale and job category scale (within his/her agency} and are simply waiting to retire; they are a drain on the system and government. Some simply check in and check out of the office; some have amassed vacation time of five weeks which average about a week of vacation every two and one-half months; such does not include sick leave.

Can America’s society afford this type luxury in an economic strapped economy? Talk of furloughing such individuals without pay raises a question; is it really without pay or can these government employees substitute a vacation or sick day? In essence or technically speaking the individual would not be paid per say for furlough, but could he or she be paid if taken as a sick or vacation day? Too often individuals at this level and pay scale bring nothing to the table or work force; their retirement pay is secure and if they hang around long enough their retirement benefits will be at the top of the retirement pay scale; they have nothing to lose. Some are jaded, disinterested; their dispositions affect the morale and productivity of those who desire to make a difference in their job.

Sadly, individuals and society suffer as a whole because we all depend on government in one form or another and employees, administrators and officials upholding the law and/or providing necessary services under his/her purview, agency or department.

When talk of furlough occurs the scare tactics begin…. It is not to say that some government employees who are at the top of the job category and pay scale do not perform their jobs- some do; however, there are those who simply check in and out of the office or are there simply for the purpose of oversight; there is no other place to place these individuals. It is actually employees who work under this high level employee who actually perform the agency’s work. Often public scare tactics consist of delays and/or reduction in services, lack of manpower and cuts in service(s). Should such continue to occur; the public may eventually find a way to forgo some of these services altogether or find other solutions.

That which is totally confusing, if I have not missed information as it pertains to the time period for government furloughs is that over a period of perhaps six months employees of certain government agencies will be furloughed 4 days; even if an employee had to take one day per week; my question would be; what is being saved or conserved as a result of the furlough? Is it the pay employees would receive as a result of having been furloughed? If so and if the loss of their work hours would be so detrimental to serving or service to the general public, why not readjust employees’ work schedules? Would all furloughed government employees of the agency or department have to be absent on the same day or coverage period? As I have personally interacted with any number of government agencies; read program policies and been a recipient of some program services, I have both noted and pointed out waste and abuse within some of the programs; much government funding can be saved in any number of areas.

Perhaps, by providing to high level government employees, administrators and officials who are simply bidding their time awaiting retirement their separation papers, such would save the government and society enough monies to avoid other government employees not having to be furloughed; government would save a substantial amount of money and/or the general public would not have to suffer as a result of reductions and cuts both in manpower and services. I am cognizant that government is perhaps trying to do its best in these areas, but the best are needed to provide the best. When government employees are simply bidding their time to retirement; they are no longer the best nor provide the best. As America moves forward the best are needed in all areas of government and beyond.

From me, to you
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger
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A Time for Reflection by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

A Time for Reflection by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
Graphic of Ocean - Coourtesy of Mr. P. Barron

Graphic of Ocean – Coourtesy of Mr. P. Barron

America was hit by at least two tragic events this week; one, the deliberate act of terrorism and harm when bombs ignited during the Boston Marathon and the second tragedy was the result of an explosion inside a fertilizer plant in Texas. Condolences to all affected by the tragedies, their families and communities.

This period of time can afford the opportunity to reflect on our country and ask ourselves, is this the America we want for ourselves, children and grandchildren? Have we arrived at a place and point in America’s history wherein no one is safe even during the pursuit of harmless activities?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have only one country; we can come together and make it a thriving and peaceful place or look forward to more senseless tragedies taking place. May I remind you that no one, absolutely, no one is safe or exempt from such tragedies be they infants, children or adults; old, young; black or white and/or rich, poor or of median income.

Whether we know it or not; a new day or era has dawn, but most are not even aware; mainly and due to the fact that many are stuck in the past and either will not or cannot move forward. Such leaves a woefully unprepared nation. Instead of finding solutions, some firmly dig their heels in and become obstinate and unmovable. We think we are exercising our rights and democracy when instead such shows the world just how dumb or ignorant, foolish and divided America and many Americans are.

I will quickly make three observations for your consideration and continue my own personal reflection. Prayers are greatly needed on behalf of our tumultuous and divided nation.

• I am not going into a dissertation on Gun Control, but want to simply point out a few observations. When The Constitution of the United States gave those in this country the right to bear arms, it did not specifically state the type of arms. Sometimes a thing may be lawful but simply not in the best interest of others. First, the onslaught of gun violence has not been as a result of protecting one’s self; such has occurred and for some reason or another, the lives of others have been sacrificed. What happens when the next person’s choice of arms is not guns, but bombs, explosives or even Ricin? Will he/she be able to make a case and justify his/her choice of arms? Are we headed back to the days of the wild, Wild West wherein each man determined the law and many took the law into their own hands? Instead of attacking each other we should be tackling major earth shattering issues which our nation and world now face- global warming; rising seas or sea levels; fireballs being hurled from the sky, the ground falling from beneath us, whether the onslaught of electromagnetic energies within our atmosphere are responsible for drawing meteorites toward earth and drilling both underground and beneath the seas are affecting the stability of Earth’s landmasses?

• There are those within society who have enough wealth to buy an island(s). If an American, I think you will find it difficult to escape the problems rampant in this country. Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the need for all to get involved. I would not presume to tell you what to do; most know that which is right and correct, but I will pose a question. If purchasing an island as a means of escaping America and its problems, where will you then go when your island(s) begin sinking beneath the ocean or sea? The Law of Reciprocity applies to all.

• All leads back to the United States government and specifically, the United States Congress. Lack of freedom for one affects some and eventually, all. No one is safe or free any longer; it does not matter what race; whether you have fame, fortune or power. The real travesty is most men and women have not read or fully understand The Constitution of the United States and therefore do not know or understand the profoundness of this document. Congress’ powers do not lay/lie within themselves; the power lies with the upholding of and adherence to The Constitution of the United States and its intent. Failure to uphold it has weakened and nullified Congress’ powers; thus having resulted in the breakdown, egregious corruption and lawlessness rampant and out of control within our society.

As we use this time and opportunity to reflect on the aforementioned and more recent tragedies prior to these, I close by reiterating; is this the America we want for ourselves; children and grandchildren?

From me, to you
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger
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Holding the Correct People Responsible for their Actions by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Holding the Correct People Responsible for their Actions by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Mrs. Dorothy Barron. Pix. Brush of Condemnation. RR. 2013.

Are you asking yourself or attempting to find the connection between today’s blog post title, Holding the Correct People Responsible for their Actions and the graphic titled, Brush of Condemnation and image of a paint brush? If not sure, continue reading; the connection is forthcoming.

No one wants to be lumped with others when their actions result in blame for some negative action(s). Sadly, these days anything wrong with and within society or in government is the government’s fault; the administration and specifically, President Obama’s fault, if one believed such foolishness. Often such sweeping condemnation comes from both professional media, as well some within the general public primarily through social media. Generally, such sweeping statements and usually of condemnation:

• Are not accurate statements or fair.

• Can undermine and weaken the structure of society

• Can severely discourage and dampen the spirit of those who are not guilty of such condemning accusations and/or not directly responsible for such negative actions.

• Shields and/or fails to hold those directly responsible for their negative actions.

This post does not condemn pointing out abuses, injustices, problems and so forth; but to suggest that one considers when possible singling out and holding the correct person/people responsible for their actions. When pointing out adverse situation and as much as possible one should be as specific as possible about the situation, actions of and those involved.

Let me give you an example; suppose you had a pre-teen or teenager who could discern right from wrong and your child went out, shoplifted, got caught and news of such made headlines; let’s say went “viral.” How would you feel if those knowing nothing about you, your family or child begin making sweeping and general statements about what an awful Parent you are and how you should be punished for your child’s action; and so forth and so on without the facts or hearing all sides of the story?

Let me share one more illustration; suppose you worked for a company and perhaps, some inside the company devised a scheme to steal from the company’s clientele and the unlawful scheme was eventually uncovered by law enforcement and regulatory agencies. What if all the money you as an employee had over the years invested in the company was going to be confiscated and used to reimburse clients who had lost their money as a result of the scheme of which you did not have knowledge and was not involved. Yet, public outcry thought it fitting punishment; made general and sweeping statements and placed blamed on all within the company. How would you as an honest employee, feel?

It is easy to cast stones when we are not the one living in the glass house. Many are severely challenged in overseeing and running one household; what would we do if we had the oversight of all household in a state or a nation? Foremost, how understanding and cooperative would we want others to be? Perhaps, we should consider the following:

• Become more of a discerning person and people – looking deeper and wisely at both sides of an issue.

• Allow emotions to rise and ebb before speaking or lashing out. I am cognizant that sometimes it is difficult when hurting to be fair; wise; think of or regard the other person; but practice develops habit and habits become a way of life. However, if the other person is lashing out try and understand the reason(s) by putting self in the person’s place and bearing with the individual.

• Place self in the shoes of those on each side of the coin or table.

• As for Entities; whether government or non-government, there needs to be a better and more effective process of dealing with violations and holding the correct people responsible for their actions; otherwise all risk being tarnished by the stroke of the “Brush of Condemnation.”

From me, to you
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger
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For Your Consideration – A Society where Contributions are Needed of All

For Your Consideration – A Society where Contributions are Needed of All
by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Mrs. Dorothy Barron. Graph. Tiers - Society. 2013.

Have you paused to say “thank you; I appreciate that which you do” to someone you would not ordinarily say those words to? Regardless of which social-economic strata to which you identify or can be classified, we all need each other. The above pyramid has been added for a reason; examine it. The Top of the pyramid comprises the rich and constitutes the least number of society’s population down to the bottom of the pyramid where the poor – indigent are greatest in number.
As each stratus views the pyramid, consider that which upholds and serves as the foundation. If the tiers above fail to properly support and contribute to those below and tiers beneath and below crumble and collapse so eventually will most of and society in general.

As for the contributions of others; regardless of that which one has or do not have, we must realize that we need each other and depend on each other. Think of others who contribute to our most basic to exclusive needs. For most, others provide the food we put on our tables or dining services we patronize; the clothing we wear; treatment for our health needs; transporter operators/truck drivers; makers of your vehicle; collectors of our garbage; those who clean our offices and workplaces; designer and makers of various and varied products which we use; Parents, leaders within society; those who protect us and serve our country, etc., etc. As you can see, those who contribute to society are numerous and varied.

Taking time to stop and say “thank you; I appreciate that which you do” to someone you would not ordinarily say those words to offers a number of advantages; those words can:
• Encourage others to give their best
• Be uplifting to the recipient; think of the last time someone gave you sincere praise; how did it make you feel?
• Take so little time and effort to say, yet the benefits are huge!
• Permeate as a result of others following your example
• Spread cheer! Just watch the expression on the recipient’s face upon hearing those words
• Make you (the bearer of those words) feel good
• Be just what the recipient needs most at the time
• Allow both bearer and recipient to hear and reflect on the positive

On today or as you are out and about this weekend; take time to stop and say “thank you; I appreciate that which you do” to someone you would not ordinarily say those words to and remember; as a society we need the contributions of all for in one way or another each contributes to society.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron. pix. Thank you note. 2013

From me, to you
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger
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Sheep to the Slaughter by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Sheep to the Slaughter by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Mrs. Dorothy Barron. pix. Help- Sheep to the Slaughter. 2. ARR. 2013

Blog Post Script by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

…… How did we wind up here?
…… Could it be we ignored those who told us the truth?
…… I was just too busy with my own life and just did not realize where we were headed.
…… I would hazard having refused to get involved when it counted and could have mattered.
…… I am afraid I said and did nothing when individuals spoke out against abuses and oppression.
…… Well, our compatriots aren’t silent now. Just listen to the racket and bleeping. They appear just as dazed, confused and dumbfounded as we.

…… If you look around; we all look and sound the same.
…… It is called the human reverse process.
…… How do you know?
…… Oh, I had an elevated position in society; my important title was to have protected me. I am not supposed to be here.
…… Looks like someone forgot to tell you or those here in charge about you; your title and position.
…… I am not supposed to be here; Help! Somebody help me!

…… How did this happen?
…… We were misled; the propaganda allowed us to believe lies instead of the truth.
…… Correction; we allowed ourselves to be misled.
…… We stopped thinking for ourselves and allowed our children to be spoon fed and indoctrinated because some of us were too busy and/or working too many hours to teach, train and nurture our own.
…… We did not search out the truth; it was easier and more convenient not to. I agree; we became too busy, distracted and divided as a nation.
…… Having known would have meant assuming responsibility. I would assume a number of us were not interested in taking responsibility; we left it up to others. That which best describes our attitude was indifference.
…… You have a point; sounds like much of the blame lies with each of us. Now, society has gone from an indifferent one to becoming a dispensable one.
….. I thought this was supposed to have become a “brave new world.”
….. It is certainly a new world, but I am not certain about the brave part; nor did anyone to my knowledge question that which the brave new world would entail or consist?
…… Did you or you?
……. No; afraid not.
…… No wonder we are here; it is gradually becoming apparent how we became sheep for the slaughter.

…… What will happen to us now?
…… It doesn’t really matter; when all your rights and everything else is gone as a result; you just as well be dead.
…… Well it matters to me; what can we do?
…… You would think somebody would have done something.
…… Somebody did, but not enough somebodies helped.

…… What do we do?
…… Until we think of something, I suggest we gradually make our way to the back of this flock. What about the learned… what was his title?
…… He did not say, but he is too distraught to be of much use right now. Move backward slowly to avoid a stampede. I still do not think many truly realize our fate and that which is to occur.

(Ringing of an Alarm)………

Husband…… Whew! What a dream!
Wife…… What did you say, Honey?
Husband…… When are the school board and city council meetings taking place?
Wife…… You are going? I have been trying to get you to get involved for ages. I am pleased, but what brought about the sudden change of attitude?
Husband…… It’s a long story or rather I should say nightmare.
Wife…… I am sorry Honey I did not hear you; what did you say?
Husband…… Nothing Darling; I am talking to myself.
Wife…… You have seemed a bit distracted all morning.
Husband…… I am okay, now. Send me an e-mail with the times of those meetings.
Wife…… Will do; love you and have a good day.
Husband…… Love you and you have a good day as well.

*Sheep Illustration Credit and Special thanks to Illustrator Niksthedesigner
All Rights Reserved. Mrs. Dorothy Barron. 2013. (Not to be used without written request or permission)

From me, to you
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger
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That which Guides, Governs and Rules the lives of many Americans by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

That which Guides, Governs and Rules the lives of many Americans by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

“Adults actions are those of children’s concealed and children’s actions are those of adults revealed” (Mrs. Dorothy Barron).

I have shared thoughts on gun control in the article, “Gun Control;” the article can be found at the end of this post.

However, on today, I want to share some comments and thoughts after having viewed Film Director; Michael Moore’s documentary, “Bowling for Columbine.” Director Moore is hosting house parties across the nation and extends an invitation to the general public to join him on today, Saturday, March 23, 2013, to watch the documentary and become involved in a live discussion to develop a plan of action to combat further gun tragedies. Mr. Moore has made the documentary available for view in a number of different venues for those interested (the link is below). The view I watched was an hour and fifty-seven minutes long.

The three major points for me which the documentary reiterated were: 1) that which guides governs and rules the lives of many within America – ills and problems of Americans can be solved with a gun; however, such is far from the truth. Society has set a pattern for the use of guns which now has become the norm and killing with a gun has only begotten more killing; 2) Americans for the most part are reactionary people as opposed to being proactive and 3) fear dominates America’s society!

Although, the documentary presents and covers a number of issues; following are some points which I have elected to comment upon.

1. The US Government’s involvement within and with other countries muddies the goal for the stated purpose here. Such would necessitate a different discussion and on a different level.

2. We cannot look to the government to resolve all of the nation’s problems; blame it for not doing so and condemn the government for doing so all at the same time. We cannot have our cake and eat it at the same time. Each person bears some responsibility whether for action or inaction.

3. If the stats of other countries mentioned within the documentary were comparable and correct; they put America to shame for the astronomical number of killings of American citizens by other citizens with guns in America.

4. Film Director; Michael Moore spoke with a number of Canadians who do not lock their doors; do some not remember when such was the case in America?

5. America has too many leaders and leading citizens who are out of touch and divorced from the reality of that which occurs within this country and to its citizens.

6. Sadly and far too often during conversation about the Gun Control issue, one constantly hears “my rights…, my rights;” such also occurred during Film Director; Michael Moore’s brief interview with Actor and NRA member; Charlton Heston. Yes, the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States gives its people the right to “…keep and bear arms…” We however should be mindful that we live in a “we” society and in order for our society to function for the good of all in this instance there must be a willingness to “give and take.”

7. For too many Americans their solution to problems, crises or that which ills America is to go get and/or use their guns in lieu of finding alternative solutions. I will share a most recent example which was not part of this documentary; however, it emphasizes my point. Some Americans are now and more will soon have to face Drones invading their rights of citizens’ privacy. As I viewed many many comments posted by Americans via the Internet – all responses had to do with getting a gun and shooting at or shooting down the drone if found hovering over their property or where it should not be. Only one person commented that he/she would shoot the drone down in an effort to investigate or learn more about the device. Shooting a drone down may not be possible or an option; perhaps, you should begin thinking of other solutions which do not entail the use of guns, but such is another discussion.

8. Far too many Americans have too readily become compliant and complacent; they do not believe they can make a difference and often lack of courage keeps them for even trying.

Much depends on where one sits in the scheme of things:

Next, I would like to share a very brief story not to induce anyone to take action(s) to commit unlawful activity or a crime, but to show how one’s perspective greatly changes when directly affected by a situation or circumstances. A city had experienced a high amount of crime and citizens continually appeared before the city council having petitioned that more vigorous attempts be made to combat the problem. City council members were not responsive until one evening one city councilman was held up, beaten (assaulted) and robbed by a small group of young men while walking through a park. Up to this point, these leaders apparently thought they were invincible due to their titles and positions. To make a long story short; this councilman could not pass laws fast enough in an effort to combat crime after being directly affected.

When we speak of guns in the hands of students whether former students at Columbine; six year olds or young people in general two major problems exist – one; society keeps having the same old discussions over and over decade after decade and two; as a sixteen year volunteer (7-9 yrs., full-time) and advocate for children in our schools and the Education arena at large I have reiterated, Parents cannot be in two places at once. In order to provide quality time to children a quantity of time must exist. Society dashes headlong ignoring; usurping and keeping Parents out of the Parenting picture and spends time trying to figure out the reason(s) a good number of Parents are not involved or are absent Parents and/or not involved in their children’s education; with their children’s schools and/or seemingly the well-being of the child. For the most part, society is not in tune with the needs of today’s Parents.

Some remedies for your consideration:

1. Guns are not the problem; the problem(s) go much deeper; guns are a reactionary response. If guns were not available or readily available to individuals (especially children), individuals would be forced to find others ways or solutions to problems. Do not make guns available to our youth and no individual needs an assault weapon. Be an example; start with putting your own assault weapon away; today.

2. I do not wish to offend; however, too many of our Educators and Leaders’ mindset and age pose problems. As citizens, an opportunity presents itself every 4-6 years to remove those from office who do not choose to serve this nation and all its citizens (from the greatest to the littlest). You prepare to serve in the public or political arena?

3. Surveillance works both ways – make sure citizens know how to use their phone cameras and other lawful monitoring devices.
4. Most communities use to have Neighborhood Planning Units; such enabled community members to be involved and aware of that which occurred within the community, neighborhood schools and city government. Reinstate NPUs if they no longer exist.

5. Begin putting your money where your mouth is in an effort to eradicate some of these prevalent problems.

6. Be cognizant that certain entities and individuals profit by dividing and/or isolating a nation and/or people from each other, as well as spreading fear. Establish ways to combat such!

7. Find Courage and take a stand for that which is right.

8. Put aside the notion that gun violence does not affect you and you therefore will not get involved; it may not affect you at this moment or today, but what about tomorrow?

There is much we can learn from each person if we take the time to listen constructively and get to know each other. We can police self and exercise self-control individually and collectively or someone will demand and command that we do.

Film Director Michael Moore is to be commended for having taken a stand and got involved especially with the students at Columbine who were injured and survived the shooting.

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The Constitution of The United States of America. The Second Amendment.

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From which Country- Medical Attention in the 21st Century by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

From which Country- Medical Attention in the 21st Century by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

In the following, which country of abode would you think or associate the person with living in; some 3rd World Country or the United States of America?

 She bathes only 2-4 times a month

 Her laundry has not been washed since July 2012

 Her hair has not been washed since April 2012

 Even though a stove exists within her abode, she has not been able to use it since 2009

 She has not seen a doctor in 5 years

 To talk about these problems and the cause in her country brings about retaliation and blackballing from a well-funded; well-organized secretive militant type group(s).

 This blog post although published to the Internet will not make it to the Web.

Perhaps, you are asking; in what country does this person live? You were provided a selection of two choices above – some 3rd World Country or the United States of America. If you selected the United States of America you would be correct and sadly, this is only part of the above scenario. How do I know of the scenario? I know because the above scenario is of me; none of the above should have happened or continue to occur especially after having been brought to the attention of those who have oversight, but most of the abuses and negligence continue as a result of lack of regulatory oversight and lack of enforcement.

To make matters worse, what if I told you, the above scenario included a visit to the emergency room due to pain in the left arm and left mammary gland (a lump has grown in the mammary gland about one-fourth the size of the gland, itself and pulling the elongated tip inside the gland. In spite of the great urgency for a woman to be seen medically and have tests conducted long before the situation has gotten to this point; after having been seen in the hospital’s emergency room and the mammary gland physically examined, the only scan ordered and performed was a chest x-ray and the woman was sent home after it was determined that the pain in the arm was not as a result of heart distress. Not a single x-ray or scan was done on the mammary gland even though the condition and seriousness of this condition described existed and continues. Even though there was pain in the arm, what was perplexing during the ER visit was the nurse wanted to give a dose of nitro-glycerin and an aspirin when there was no distress that warranted such, no history of any type heart trouble and tests had not been conducted or results. This raises a number of concerns and issues; three will be briefly addressed on today.

1. Having to be treated at a hospital(s), wherein an individual has previously reported that hospital and filed a complaint due to negligence, neglect and other abuses – one hospital found a serious medical problem gave the patient two drugs which should not have been given to the patient together without medical oversight; failed to regulate the patient prior to giving the prescriptions and released the patient having failed to institute (proper placement) a proper patient care environment and treatment. With the Patient non-ambulatory – not able to get up and walk out of the hospital and with no abode, the hospital had this patient arrested for criminal trespass.

2. Cancer scare- with the seriousness and urgency for a woman to seek medical attention and treatment upon finding a lump or some unusual occurrence within or involving the mammary gland; to experience pain and for such a condition to exist and the hospital/ER doctor not order a single x-ray or scan of the mammary gland after having examined and aware of the serious condition was/is unconscionable, unethical and should be viewed as negligence. Morally, ethically and medically, it would have been unacceptable for any doctor not to have immediately ordered scans of the mammary gland, but that which makes it even more abominable; the treating ER physician was a female. The physician was aware that I was non-ambulatory and did not have a treating physician in the surrounding area, but one in another town in which the State has prevented my getting to for primary care due to their mile restriction limitation rule(s).

3. State of Tennessee’s Care- Most people would rather not have to travel 1 or 2 hours to get routine primary care, but when one has and continues to be blackballed and retaliated in and throughout the medical community there should be alternatives. The problem; Medicare turned over (contracted) its Medicare beneficiaries’ care as well as medical transportation to some states; according to the State of Tennessee (state healthcare plans and Medicaid -TennCare), they will not provide transportation outside a 20-30 mile radius. Medicare beneficiaries are by law supposed to have choice in physicians. If one cannot get to his choice of physician or a physician that will provide quality care because of transportation restrictions; what good is choice in the selection of one’s physician; one really does not have a choice?

To make matters worse, it has been seventeen (17) days since the ER visit and I am still waiting to see a physician to have proper and necessary tests conducted on the mammary gland. I reiterate; in cases where patients are being blackballed and retaliated against within and throughout the medical community, alternatives should be instituted to prevent discrimination and worse against a patient(s) by mandating that transportation carriers contracting with Medicare provide transportation to enable that patient being transported wherever he/she finds and can obtain quality care with the State footing the bill. Instead and presently in this case, this Patient continues to be subjected to inferior, careless, dangerous medical care; neglect and negligence; she does not have a primary care within the 20-30 mile radius because physicians will not take her as a patient and no one will transport her to her primary care physician (which is 1-2 hours away) without charging hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The crux of the problem; nothing will change for me health-wise simply because the primary physician will have to write prescriptions and he/she by law has been prevented from writing orders per Medicare restrictions if they have not seen the patient within a certain time frame. Sadly, falsely and usually, the patient is blamed and accused for not having sought treatment or treatment in time. You have been shown a situation and circumstances of how one can live in the 21st Century in a first class country; America, yet be subjected to medical conditions that one would associate with some 3rd world countries.

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Realms of Power and Authority- the Subject of Homosexuality by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Realms of Power and Authority- the Subject of Homosexuality by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
“The World did not make you, but if you allow;it will shape you” (Mrs. Dorothy Barron)

Mrs. Dorothy Barron. Pix. 2 Rlms-Pw. ARR. 2013

There are various realms of power and authority; becoming knowledgeable and understanding that there is only one realm of power and authority that is limitless and supreme will assist with putting all other laws in proper perspective which can enable those within society to live orderly lives and respect all human beings. Supreme Power belongs to the One and only CREATOR of Heaven and Earth (and includes all of creation- that above Heaven; the Heavens and Earth; those on earth and that which exists beneath the Earth and Hell). The Creator’s Laws are not to be tampered with or changed by man.

The CREATOR of Heaven and Earth has also given man certain authority and power to establish and govern earthly kingdoms or domains; however, mankind should be careful not to usurp, change or enact any laws or commands which conflict or oppose those which The CREATOR of Heaven and Earth has established through the Holy Scriptures. Biblical History is filled with both individuals and societies which did so and suffered dire consequences as a result.

I want to briefly address an issue that is before society; one that concerns some young individuals who seek truth and Biblical answers about Homosexuality, marriage and other relationships between Homosexuals. At this point, I will respond to three questions using the Holy Scriptures and address the issue in more detail at a later time. I do realize that people will make up their own minds and follow their own convictions; such is your choice, but individuals who are seeking truth and answers deserve to be provided with both from the Supreme Authority; after all, it was The Creator of Heaven and Earth who made all persons and things.

1. Is it wrong to be a homosexual (which had its basis in the question as to whether an individual was born as such)?
2. Is it wrong for homosexuals (two people of the same sex) to marry?
3. Some have remarked that GOD created them this way (as homosexuals) and such is unfair to the individual(s) to have to live a life without a sexual relationship because he/she is homosexual; should he orshe?

In response to the above three questions, Let us look at that which The CREATOR of Heaven and Earth through the Holy Scriptures; The Holy Bible teaches, states and/or commands in reference to this subject?

Response to the Question #1, Homosexual may be a modern term, but homosexual individuals have always existed. Homosexuals in earlier times could be termed as Eunuchs; they have always been a part, often integral part of society with many holding prominent positions within society. Jesus says the following in Matthew 19:12; “For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb; and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men; and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it” (Matt. 19:12. Holy Bible. KJV)

Jesus answers one’s question; “some eunuchs… are born from their mother’s womb…” (Matt. 19:12). God did not make a mistake when he created each person. One does not have any control over his/her birth. Under the circumstances stated in Matthew 19:12, by Jesus, how could being such persons be determine to be wrong? However, some actions in which some homosexuals (as well as some heterosexuals) engage have been and continue to be condemned by GOD.

In response to Question #2, no law(s) created or decreed by man will change or make the union acknowledged as Marriage between two individuals of the same sex lawful or acceptable in the sight of GOD. Jesus states “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mark 10: 6, 7 &9.Holy Bible. KJV). In the Book of Genesis, “…GOD created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them and God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth…” (Genesis 1:27 &28. Holy Bible. KJV). The union between a man and woman acknowledged as Marriage has been ordained by GOD and takes place between a man and woman and nothing anyone says or does can or will change GOD’s word.

Question #3’s Response, could elicit a number of responses; as for life being unfair due to some having been born homosexual and not able to engage in sex or a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex, realize that 1) homosexual s are not the only individuals mandated by GOD to abstain from sex or sexual relationships; there are those who do abstain or practice abstinence of sex and/or sexual relationships; both homosexuals and heterosexuals. 2) Others may also feel that life is unfair as well; some individuals born with disabilities or handicaps may feel that life is unfair to them.

As for living life as a homosexual without a sexual relationship; a sexual relationship between two individuals of the same sex is forbidden by GOD. GOD emphatically states in the Old Testament Book of Leviticus the following, “thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination” and “if a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13. Holy Bible. KJV). Should there be those who would hone in and focus on the punishment of death aspect in an effort to start casting stones, may I remind you that this same punishment mandated by GOD in the Old Testament was to be meted out to those who committed adultery, as well as children who were disobedient to Parents.

Paul, the Apostle, states in the New Testament Book of Romans

“for this cause God gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient…”

(Romans 1:26-28. Holy Bible. KJV).

The Roman’s scriptures listed here bear closer perusal; however, not here or at this time. The point is; man did not make these laws, the Supreme Being; the Creator of Heaven and Earth; CREATOR of you and I, did. Not having walked in your shoes or had your experiences, we do not judge. I will leave you with a question for thought. GOD does not make mistakes; have you considered that you were singled out for a specific purpose in life or have a particular destiny that only you can fulfill and in which GOD requires your total being?

Sometimes when one fails to know that which The Creator of Heaven and Earth through his Holy Scriptures or Holy Bible teaches, one allows those within or society to shape and/or determine who he/she becomes and spends a lifetime attempting to live down to man’s standards instead of up to THE CREATOR of Heaven and Earth’s standards. One of the best ways one may come to understand self is to become acquainted with the very Being; The CREATOR of Heaven and Earth; afterall, it was HE who created each of us. You can accomplish this by studying GOD’s word; the Holy Bible/ Holy Scriptures.

In conclusion; from an individual as well as collective standpoint, we should be careful of consciously and/or deliberately disobeying THE CREATOR of Heaven and Earth’s laws; creating or changing laws in opposition and/or or establishing laws that do not comply with those which GOD’s word teaches and commands. To disobey the word of THE CREATOR of Heaven and Earth is to subject both man and nation to GOD’s wrath and punishment. Should others declare or decree anything other than that which was taught by those whom GOD gave holy inspiration to teach, preach and/or write down his Holy Scriptures; the Apostle Paul states in Galatians 1:8 & repeats in verse 9, “but though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed” (Gal. 1:8 &9 Holy Bible. KJV). There are severe penalties for adding to and taking from GOD’s Book; the Holy Scriptures.

Many of us as children grew up among individuals who loved and/or cared enough about us to tell us the truth even when the truth was not popular, convenient and even hurt; can we do any less for this present generation and those that follow?

From me, to you
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Blogger
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