Getting The Most From Your Mobile CPA Marketing Campaign

When you run a business, you know how important it is to run an effective marketing campaign. After all, producing the greatest products in the world will not do you any good if nobody knows about them. You have to be able to get the word out about what you have to offer if you want to have any customers.

Recently, there has been a lot of attention paid to the boom in mobile devices. More and more people are using these devices to access the Internet, which means that this is a huge opportunity for your business. By running an effective mobile CPA marketing campaign, you can reach these people quickly and easily.

So what is CPA marketing exactly? CPA stands for “cost per action,” which basically means that you only pay for an ad once someone has taken the desired action. With traditional marketing campaigns, you have to pay for advertising in advance, without ever knowing whether or not a particular item will be successful.

With CPA marketing, you pay after the fact, which has two main advantages. First of all, it reduces your costs, since you do not have to pay a large sum up front. You only pay when customers actually respond to your marketing materials.

Second, this provides you with a lot of very useful data that you can use to fine-tune and improve your marketing campaign. For example, if no one takes the desired action in response to an ad, this may seem like a terrible thing. However, you need to look on the bright side.

For one thing, you will not actually have to spend anything to run this ad, since no one will have responded to it. Second, the fact that no one responded can actually tell you a lot. You can use this information to figure out why this ad did not get the response that you wanted, and then use this to craft a more effective campaign.

Focusing on the mobile world is important since so many people are using their devices as their primary source of information. By running a great mobile CPA marketing campaign, you can reach the largest audience possible. This way, you can make sure that you are not wasting your time.

This sort of campaign has helped many companies succeed in the competitive online marketplace. Start focusing on this area today for the best results.

Denis Simioni And The Creation Of Miraculous Hair Care Products

hair care - Denis SimioniA middle-aged man with a stubbly black crew-cut might not be the first person one turns to for hair care advice, but overlooking Denis Simioni in the quest for great hair treatments would be a serious mistake. This impeccably turned-out marketer and producer has spent nearly twenty years perfecting and promoting the Ojon brand, and the result is a highly visible, highly valuable fixture on the cosmetic industry landscape.

From Marketer To Manufacturer

Before the start of the twenty-first century, Denis Simioni ran an advertising agency in Toronto that catered to makers of beauty products. His experience in the cosmetics industry was extensive, but initially started from the perspective of an outsider looking in. That all changed when he stumbled across an amazingly effective hair treatment from the depths of Central America. Simioni shifted into the production end of the cosmetics business, and today his company Ojon makes a line of exclusive, effective products for fixing damaged hair with the power of rare botanical ingredients.

A Mysterious Jar Of Goo

In the late 1990s, a visiting relative from Honduras left Simioni’s wife with a baby jar filled with a pasty brown goo that was supposed to be great for treating dry, brittle hair. The jar collected dust on the Simionis’ bathroom shelf for years, until Denis Simioni was one day inspired to offer it to a house guest suffering from extremely damaged hair. The results were remarkably effective, and this sent Simioni on a quest to find out if the home-made remedy could be the basis for a practical hair care product. This mission would take years of hard work and require Simioni to criss-cross the Western hemisphere, but the results have been remarkable.

The Ojon Story: Honduras

The entire Simioni family – Denis, his wife Silvana, and their children – took a trip to Honduras to uncover the source of the mysteriously effective hair oil. In the end, Denis Simioni alone entered the jungles of the Mosquito Coast and made contact with the Tawira people. This indigenous tribe lived in the area for millennia, and they had used Batana oil derived from the berries of the Ojon palm to treat their hair since before the arrival of Europeans. Simioni noticed that remarkably beautiful hair was a common feature of the tribe’s members, and became convinced that he was onto something.

Denis Simioni founded the Ojon company in 2000 to meld the traditional resources of the Tawira tribe with the efficacy of modern hair care products. Concentrating exclusively on delivering the full benefits of the remarkable oil harvested by the Tawira, Simioni has kept the Ojon product line small. Only the most effective, useful products are offered to customers. Independent laboratory testing has confirmed the efficacy of Ojon hair products and shown that they deliver dramatic and measurable results.

Simioni is as concerned with sustainability and free trade as he is with offering a great product. All of the oil used in Ojon products is collected by the Tawira people in a fair and sustainable manner. Denis Simioni has worked with the nonprofit organization MOPAWI to ensure that the oil-harvesting process is equitable to the Tawira. The company’s work in Honduras is endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council.

Ojon’s Product Line

Today Simioni and Ojon offer a wide range of hair-care products, all of them using Ojon oil as an integral ingredient. Ojon products typically feature a wide blend of botanical ingredients in order to deliver maximum effectiveness. Shampoos, conditioners, oils, and styling and finishing products are all part of the extensive Ojon line. Many of Simioni’s products come in bundles designed to work together to restore damaged hair and improve its overall appearance and healthiness.

An Unfortunate Split

In 2007, Denis Simioni and his wife separated from each other. Although the split was fairly amicable, lingering disputes over the financial assets created by Ojon took years to resolve. Silvana felt she deserved more of the credit – and the rewards – for developing her family’s home elixir into a popular and profitable hair care brand. Final adjustments to the pair’s separation agreement would drag on for two more years before Denis was left in undisputed control of Ojon.

Working With Estee Lauder

The value of the Ojon brand could get no stronger recognition than the acquisition of the company by cosmetics giant Estee Lauder in 2007. Simoni and his fellow owners earned 45 million dollars in the deal. With Estee Lauder’s backing, Denis Simioni was able to significantly expand the range and availability of Ojon products without surrendering control of the country. Similar to other sub-brands such as Aveda and Bumble and Bumble, Ojon is free to pursue its own production and marketing goals, an arrangement which suits Simioni well. Estee Lauder has remained committed to the brand’s success, investing nearly ten million dollars in a comprehensive overhaul in 2010.

Direct Marketing Via QVC

Prior to founding Ojon, Simioni worked extensively with television shopping giant QVC. He made the channel an integral part of the development of the Ojon brand, and Simioni actually consulted with them prior to making any formal production arrangements in Honduras. From the outset Ojon products have had a home on QVC, and Simioni still markets the brand through QVC shows with the assistance of spokesperson Gwynne Mims. This arrangement suits the brand well, and the transition into Estee Lauder’s sphere of influence has not altered Ojon’s visibility on QVC.

Denis Simioni’s Continuing Search For Great Beauty Products

Simioni works hard to promote the Ojon line and expand its utility and availability even today. He splits his time between doing in-person promotional work and jetting across the globe to research new botanical ingredients. This is why Ojon products contain more than just the amazing oil that comes from Honduras; more than a half a dozen additional botanical ingredients have been incorporated into the line. New products are added to the line cautiously, (as with the introduction of Ojon mascara in 2012) only when Simioni is convinced they will enhance the brand’s overall reputation. Simioni is clearly driven by an appreciation of excellence, and the products his company sells reflect that drive.

Corporate Event Management: What It Takes

event management pictureIf you are thinking of hosting a corporate event for your customers or staff, then you ought to consider what is involved in hosting such an event.

Holding a corporate event is not as simple as finding a venue, ordering food and drinks and just getting on with it. Corporate event management takes more than that. It takes careful planning as well as execution with much attention on detail especially if the vent id meant for customers.

In this regard, here are a few things that you will need to consider in running your corporate event.

The Venue

This is the first thing that you will need to consider. Deciding on the venue will be based on the number of expected people to attend, the goals you wish to achieve trough this event, the atmosphere you wish to create and the facilities you will require. This is one of the biggest costs and so you better have a budget in mind before choosing a venue.

The Budget

This comes in second. This entire project will cost you money and so it is important to carefully come up with a planned budget that will help you decide on what you need and what you don’t. Ideally, the budget should help you decide on what you can afford.


Providing food and drinks for your guest is a crucial component in any corporate event. Do you wish for a dinner with tables or do you want a buffet with a bar or a mixture? Also, how many people are you going to cater for and what kind of food will serve? All these are some of the things you will have to decide on when it comes to catering.

The Decor and Event Theme

You event should be decorate in respect to what you wish to achieve. Do you want to impress your customers and clients with formal theme or do you want to have a party atmosphere when celebrating success? In either way, decoration and the theme should be considered so that your event can have the right atmosphere.

If all the above sound all too daunting, then you still have the option of using a corporate event management company. Professionals in this field will definitely work to your expectations but you will be looking at a higher spending than actually managing it yourself. However, they will ensure that your corporate event runs smoothly and exactly as planned.

Mobile Application Analytics 101

laptop and mobileThere’s No Success Without Measurables

In the world of technology the best way to optimize your efforts is by having detailed metrics on who uses your product, when they use, how long they use, which devices they use to use your product and so on. When it comes to app development, there are too many businesses who are operating blind to these facts. Such companies are not getting the most out of their business and we are here to change that. Mobile application analytics allow you to find out all of this data and to optimize your business accordingly.

In a world that will soon be taken over by bots and programs that are self-sustaining and that can generate their own code, you will be on the wrong side of technology history and profitability if you do not utilize mobile application analytics to better serve your customers and to make more profit. Analytics are nothing new and companies like Go daddy and Amazon flourish because of how they utilize the data that they receive from customers. They use data so well that customers feel like they are reading their minds. Amazon has even talked about a service where they simply send you things that they think you would like! That sounds both scary and promising with many positive implications for all involved.

On a more local level, analytics gives you valuable information that allows you to know when and where your business is meeting customer expectations and where you are failing. It is a great way to right your sail and to put your company on the right track.

The data also helps you create new services and products that you know that your customers would like. There are many stories of businesses using such data to spring board new ideas and solutions that the market needs. This is how businesses stay in business.

As you can see, in the age of big data you have to be on top of everything. You need to know how your products are being used and where you have failed and where you have succeeded. You also need this data to optimize your services so that you can create the best experience possible for your customers. Those who do not use this data are being left behind in the dust by those who do. Make the right move today by using better analytics.

Finding A Quality Beef Company In 2015

raw beefThere are numerous companies in the world that are not as good as they can be in the modern age. What is the reason for this? They simply do not have the quality product(s) that are needed in order to find massive results. As a consumer, you have to make sure the beef company that you do end up going with is providing high quality products that are going to make you smile. Anything less than this should be ignored because it is better to go with someone that does care about quality. Here are three tips that should help when it comes to finding a high quality beef company.

Meat Matters

The beef is where the money is in the end. If the meat is not of the highest quality, what is the point of going with the company in the first place? It is as simple as that in the end, you have to make sure the meat that is being processed is good. If you feel the beef could be better, this means you are probably better off going with another option.

Do not waste a lot of time on options that are not providing good meat. There are too many high quality companies that are and you should be focusing on them in the end.

Pay Attention To Service

A service that does not remain courteous from beginning to end is going to end up wasting your time. This is frustrating to say the least and you will want to go seek out another solution immediately. Of course, does this mean, you will have to stalk them and find out what kind of people they are? The goal is to pay attention to how they communicate and whether or not they care about the questions that you are asking. If they are of the highest quality, they will make sure that your needs are being met and your questions are being answered.


Now, there are some experiences that people will have with these companies that are downright inconsistent. This means, the companies will one day provide some of the world’s best meat and something that is going to make you want more, but than other days they will provide meat that is mediocre.

Consistency is something that has to be monitored because of the value it holds. If you can’t trust the meat, you will never be satisfied and will always be hesitant.

A company that provides quality meat, great customer service, and ensures that you are happy from start to finish is the only type of company that you should be striving for. The factors that have been listed here are key because they will ensure that you do end up with a great company that values you as a customer.

The days of not being able to find the right type of option will be long gone because following these factors should go a long way for you.

Top Reasons To Hire Corporate Event Planners

planning corporate eventsHiring corporate event planners is a smart move that can save your business a great deal of money. The following section looks at some of the top reasons to hire an event planner for your next corporate event.

Save Money

Perhaps the most compelling reason to hire a qualified event planner is that it can save you a lot of money. Most event planners have relationships with local businesses such as caterers, florists and entertainers. These relationships often allow them to negotiate deep discounts on services provided. Even if the event planner can’t negotiate a discount on your behalf, they still can guide you to the lowest cost service providers in the area.

Reduce Stress

Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort. Adding these additional tasks to your already-overburdened schedule can result in a tremendous amount of stress. It makes far more sense to pay someone to do the work for you so you can focus on your own projects and objectives. After all, isn’t it better to use your unique expertise to run your business rather than to plan a party or event? There is no need to stress yourself out when there are highly qualified people available who can get the planning done far more quickly and easily than you could on your own.

Impress Clients & Associates

A well-planned corporate event projects an image of professionalism and success. Whether your event is geared toward clients or toward existing employees, having a flawless presentation helps create an image of prosperity and growth than will build confidence in your company. A cheap or shoddily put together event, on the other hand, can have the exact opposite effect. The benefits of projecting a strong professional image far outweigh the relatively minor costs of hiring a planner for your event.

Handle Last-Minute Glitches With Ease

No matter how much thought and planning goes into an event, it is inevitable that something always goes wrong at the last minute. Perhaps your slide projector breaks down or your caterer accidentally double booked. A qualified event planner can quickly and easily help you overcome these obstacles, ensuring that any glitches are only minor hiccups rather than major disasters.

There are a number of reasons why hiring corporate event planners is a smart business decision. Not only can it save you money, but it can also reduce stress. Additionally, it can help you present a strong image that impresses your clients and makes your employees proud to be a part of your company.

How a Data Usage App Can Help You Save Cash

data appThese days, people often have a number of devices that use the same data plans. Family members often share data on the cell phones, and people use the same data plans on devices like their tablet. With so many devices to keep track of, it’s very easy to wind up going over your limits.

Some people think that overages are unavoidable. Others think that they may simply need to pay for a larger data plan. However, it’s likely that both of these aren’t necessary. Instead, you can cut back on data usage and avoid going overboard with the help of a data usage app.

What’s great about these apps is that they don’t just show you how much data you’ve used, they show you where that usage is coming from. This can help people to adjust the way they use their devices so that they don’t go over their limits.

One of the primary causes of overages is that apps drain data in the background, even when they’re not being used. These apps will help you catch this so that you can put a stop to the problem right away.

Another reason for data overages is that children and teens tend to use data irresponsibly. The app will allow you to track what they’re doing, and will let you see how their usage needs to be curbed. Many kids simply don’t realize how many of the apps they use drain data.

If you search for a data usage app, you’ll find that there’s a wide selection available. Some of the apps are free, while others are available for a small cost. It’s a good idea to look at the features the app includes so that you can find one that’s a good fit for you.

One type of feature that many people find appealing are high usage notifications. If an unusually high amount of data is being used, you’ll receive a notification letting you know about it. That way, you can correct the issue before your data for the month is used up.

Another feature many people enjoy is the ability to block data usage if usage is over a certain amount. This can help you make sure that you never run into overages, and that you have enough data to do the things you need to do each month.

In some cases, you may be able to get an app from your cell phone carrier. An increasing number of carriers are beginning to offer apps to their customers. Talk to your carrier and see if this is something they offer before you go looking through the app store.

With the right app, you’ll never have to worry about overages again. You’ll always be able to keep track of the data you use, and you’ll be able to address problems right away. This can save you a great deal of money, and it can save you a lot of headaches too.

Using the Google Mobile App Analytics Tool

mobile computingMost marketers understand the value of analytics for the web, but did you know that there are analytics tools out there for mobile apps too? Using a mobile app analytics tool you can learn about the kinds of people that use your apps, and you can learn when they use them, as well as usage patterns such as how long the average session is, the kinds of devices that are being used to access your app, and the path that the user takes through the screens of your app.

These tools can be invaluable for helping developers to improve their apps; making them more user-friendly and making it easier to market the apps too.

Google offers a free mobile app analytics tool that should be familiar to anyone who has ever used Google Analytics for the web. This tool allows developers to track the way that people engage with their apps from the first discovery to the completion of an in-app purchase. Developers can track the frequency and length of user sessions and get valuable insights into the behavior patterns of their end users.

These insights aren’t just valuable for improving the app, either. They can also be invaluable for promoting the app to prospective advertisers and sponsors. The more you know about the audience you have, the easier it is to market your content to people who are interested in that audience.

Integrating analytics into your mobile app is relatively easy, especially if your app relies on JQuery Mobile, HTML 5 or similar technologies. The process is as simple as embedding tracking code into the app. For other platforms, it is possible to use a wrapper to integrate analytics – in a similar fashion to how you might use a wrapper to integrate ads for your mobile app.

Google also offers easy integration with Google Play as a part of their suite of tools for mobile app developers. This means that you find out how users discovered your app, allowing you to better market both that app and any future ones that you publish. Analytics can help with engagement, loyalty and repeat usage. If can help you to diagnose the reason behind uninstalls, and it can help you to identify frequent crashes so that they can be debugged and patched – even if users are not sending crash reports or filing tech support requests.