Having Fun – Marketing Jobs Can Get You To A New Level


marketingWho has not dreamed of a job that can take you to new places? Sometimes those places are within reach of your everyday life – a ballroom or a club where you had only dreamed of hitting the dance floor. Or a spread of the most fantastic food that you have ever seen or enjoyed.

For some of us first class air travel is alluring,or a hotel stay where we can enjoy the company of the rich and famous.

The truth is that many of us dream of a lifestyle like this but will never enjoy the benefits of the rich and famous.

However, there is a way that a window to the lives of the privileged can be opened – and that is through the world of marketing.

Marketing jobs are varied. There are those jobs that call for the direct interaction between the marketing professional and the companies or individuals that they represent and then there are the marketing jobs that call for a more subdued approach – these are the people who act behind the scenes to make a brand come alive.

The decision to take a marketing job calls for some real thought. As glamorous as marketing and advertising might appear (or as insane) the world of Mad Men is not the world of marketing. It is not all cocktails and after dinner parties.

Marketing is incredibly hard work – it is long evenings and dealing with people who may not be pleasant not patient. It is presentations that demonstrate your knowledge of demographics and product placement. These are not skills or knowledge that are easily obtained.

It is simply not enough to be creative. Marketing is a combination of creativity and science. If you are under the impression that marketing will not require an analytical mind then you should think again. That shampoo that you are using did not arrive on your bathroom shelf because it makes your hair appear more shiny. It is there because you have been the target of extremely clever marketing by some of the best brains in the business.

A marketing guru is celebrated not because he or she can make products look more pretty or attractive – they are celebrated because they can can make those products fly off the shelves. That skill is not one of creativity, but rather one that is hard won through the application of passion and hard work.

Marketing may not be for everyone – but the rewards can be enormous. For those intelligent young men or women who are prepared to put the hours in and study theory and then apply it in the real world a career in marketing can be tremendously rewarding.

Yes, there are the dinner parties and awards ceremonies and there are clients who will reward the dedication of the skilled marketing professional. However, it takes years of dedicated work to ascend the ladder toward marketing excellence.

Start now – fortune favors the brave (and dedicated).